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# 28th watervent, October 10th, 2023, Cincinnati (USA),
hosted by US EPA and University of Cincinnati

Program (scheme)

We do welcome any water related technologies as well as adjacent technologies (algae, blue biotech, aquaculture, indoor and roof farming, hydroponics….).

All attendees are invited to at least two meet & greet sessions (via Zoom) before the forum to acquaint!

Please note – we want you to register asap for our Cincinnati forum.
We offer upon registration:

  • Your profile will be posted in our site (with pitch deck if requested)
  • We will organize exclusive Zoom forums prior to Cincinnati Watervent to increase your success probability


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Fee Categories

All fees per person (€ / $ for US and Canadian attendees).
Further person of same company: add 300 /startups 100.

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Technology Focus:

If entrepreneur – What solution do you address?
If investor – Which categories interest you as investment opportunities?
If corporate – your sectors of activity.
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Energy & Resource

Smart Water



Sector Focus:

What sector(s) are most interesting for your solution and/or investment? (check all that apply)


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