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for WaterVent May 3rd @ Philadelphia, USA

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Receive one year-long subscription to SplashLink courtesy of WaterVent
All sponsors and those registering as Investors, Consultants (legal & tax advisors, civil engineering, corporates & corporate VC), and Entrepreneurs registering for the Intense Care Package receive one year-long subscription to SplashLink courtesy of WaterVent. All other participants will be provided with a special discount.

This includes:

+ Includes two persons
+ Exclusive coaching on business pitch on may 3rd
+ 15 minute business pitch to investors
+ One-on-one exposure to investors
+ Networking with potential buyers/partners
+ Access to commercialization experts
+ Personal introduction to at least two potential investors and/or clients within the forum and/or in WaterVent’s network (i.e. investors & clients not (!) attending)
+ Prominent posting on our site until further notice upon registration
+ special mailing of profile to our investors' database and selected corporates, foundations, family offices, consultants,.... (appr. 3,400 globally)


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Please Note Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are accepted until 8 weeks prior to the event. This means cancellations must be received:

  • Before march 5th, 2018.
  • Registration fees will be reimbursed less a cancellation processing fee of € 400 (excluding VAT).

Please note: upon confirmation (which is done individually by us) you will receive further informations on our Forums as well as payment instructions