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Fees & Benefits

Participant Category Fee* Benefits
Elevator Pitch from $ 200 Two persons
Ten minutes pitch
Startups Non-/Prerevenue (in 2018/2019) - $ 200
With revenue < $ 200,000 (in 2018) - $ 450
With revenue < $ 500,000 (in 2018) - $ 850
With revenue < $ 1.000,000 (in 2018) - $ 1,250
With revenue > $ 1.000,000 (in 2018) - $ 2,300
Non-Presenting Startups (water tech manufacturing)
Max. 5 years old "startups" or max. 1 Mio revenues (otherwise: Category Corporates)
70% of presenter fee
Includes one person
One-on-one exposure to investors
Networking with potential buyers/partners
Access to commercialization experts
(VC, PE, non corporate)
$ 1,500
New business opportunities/deal flow
Early access/info on new technologies
Access to new investment partners
Increased market reach and brand
Prominent posting on our site until further notice
Option: Presenting Entrepreneurs
Intense Care Package

$ 2,900 + Includes two persons
+ Exclusive coaching on business pitch on June 7th
+ 15 minute business pitch to investors
+ One-on-one exposure to investors
+ Networking with potential buyers/partners
+ Access to commercialization experts
+ Personal introduction to at least two potential investors and/or clients within the forum and/or in WaterVent’s network (i.e. investors & clients not (!) attending)
+ Prominent posting on our site until further notice upon registration
+ special mailing of profile to our investors' database and selected corporates, foundations, family offices, consultants,.... (appr. 3,400 globally)
Business Angels
(private investors)
$ 700
Consultants, legal and tax advisers, civil engineering, corporates, corporate VC $ 2,300
Networking with market leaders
Meeting potential partners, customers, investors
Pulse on market innovation
Prominent posting on our site until further notice
Universities, charities, foundations, clusters, incubators, utilities $ 400
+ additional person (all)
$ 400
Dinner $ 120 p.P.

* Please note all registration fees are per person. [↑]


  • 20% discount for all past WaterVent participants.
  • Presenting Entrepreneurs are allowed up to 2 people. The additional person can register at the reduced rate listed above. [↑]


We issue an invoice and request payment via paypal. [↑]

Please Note Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations are accepted until 8 weeks prior to the event.
This means cancellations must be received before feb 1st, 2020.

  • Registration fees will be reimbursed less a cancellation processing fee of $ 400 (excluding VAT).

Cancellations after the deadline cannot be reimbursed and full payment will be required.

Note: If you would like to transfer your registration to another person, please contact our office. [↑]

Unable to Attend?

Can’t make it to the event due to a schedule conflict?
You can still get exposure at WaterVent – here’s how:

  • Submit your company profile here.
  • We will publish it in the WaterVent program brochure and distribute it to all forum participants.
  • We will publish it online and mail it to all our investors in our database.
  • After the event, we will facilitate an email introduction for up to two strategic contacts to help you get connected. [↑]