WaterVent Community

Based on an impressing track record of more than 6.5 years since its inception we intend to create a WaterVent Biz community with technology innovators, corporates in water tech, corporates with heavy need of water, utilities, power plants, Investors, civil engineering companies, consultants, spezialised legal consultants & accountants, incubators, clusters, research institutions, foundations, charities... who want to be showcasted in our site aswell as on our forums.

Creating awareness for their technologies and services. as well as for their needs.

It is a water tech related global "Club" of likeminded people in water.

Our membership embraces:

Exclusive presentation of pre-screened water tech innovators (permanently)

1. Prominent and permanent exposure on our site with full profile with or without contact details

2. Profiles in our forums' documentations

3. attending all our future WaterVent forums

4. Membership is valid for 5 years from registration for all forums taking place at any location

Fee: $ 1,800

Registration: use our Registration form and indicate "Membership"