WaterVent Community

Based on an impressing track record of more than 10 years since its inception we intend to create a WaterVent Biz community with technology innovators, corporates in water tech, corporates with heavy need of water, utilities, power plants, Investors, civil engineering companies, consultants, spezialised legal consultants & accountants, incubators, clusters, research institutions, foundations, charities... who want to be showcasted in our site aswell as on our forums.

Creating awareness for their technologies and services. as well as for their needs.

It is a water tech related global "Club" of likeminded people in water.

Our membership embraces:

1a. For investors, corporates, clusters, civil engineering, services,…:
       Exclusive presentation of pre-screened water tech innovators, clusters, investors        (all kind), charities & foundation, NGO & initiatives,… (permanently);
       Brief presentation („elevator pitch“) in our zoom webinar series (once; limited to        ten elevators)

1b. For startups:
       Six minutes pitch (once) in our webinar is Euro 450. The fee for our community will        be deducted in case of presentation booked.

2.   Prominent and permanent exposure in our site with full profile
      with or without contact details

3.   Participation in our zoom webinars (scheduled monthly)

4.   Individual introduction to potential partners (based on our database and Linkedin network)

5.   Membership is valid for five years from registration for all forums

Fee (one time):
1a. Euro 400
1b. Euro 150

Registration community

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My profile is to be published as following:

Success story of WaterVent?

  • we want to present some 40 entrepreneurs in our forums, max. 10 in our webinars
  • we welcome any stages
  • we welcome any water related businesses incl. neighbouring sectors (like blue and green biotechnology, agriculture, forest sciences…)
  • we are coaching all entrepreneurs the day before
  • we are focussed on matching; only small amount of keynotes & general speeches
  • we attract also “hidden” industrial (corporate) investors
  • we are independent and a platform only provider
  • we are targeting a global audience
  • we attract also water tech entrepreneurs from upcoming regions like India, South Africa, China, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Russia
  • Based in Berlin we want to bring in german water tech expertise and are happy to assist in the access to german and european water technology sector

WaterVent’s growing success in nine years

Incepted in February 2010 in Berlin, WaterVent (acronym of Water and Venture)
is enjoying a steadily increasing brand awareness.

Though we notice hundreds of congresses and trade fairs dealing with water issues and subjects organized globally, WaterVent was and is still the only international water technologies (and related nexus) focused forum: minimum 50% of presentations done are setup by water technology entrepreneurs and innovators looking for funding and/or clients (users, applications)!

Some facts | WaterVent Factsheet:

  • 14 forums in US, Europe and UAE (contract forum RAK on behalf of Utico) with appr. 2,400 attendees
  • 15th forum in Storrs, CT, on april 1st  and 2nd, 2020 was cancelled due to circunstances (had some 130 attendees confirmed by mid of march 2020)
  • Three webinars in May – July 2020 attracted more than 800 interested parties
  • Serious negotiations for appr. $ 220 Mio reported
  • Attendees reported more than 1,100 serious leads acquainted (into clients, users, support)
  • Appr. 14,500 enquiries to attend received
  • Global Database of appr. 38,000 water tech companies, investors, services, clusters, experts …created
  • Appr. 3,900 members in our water technology financing and venturing group in Linkedin
  • Appr. 19,000 water tech first degree contacts in Linkedin (appr. 80% water related)
  • > 32,000 hits in Google for WaterVent
  • More than 70% of all relevant corporates, utilities, investors, experts have heard about WaterVent (result of a recent market study conducted; base: 1,200 people reached out in US/Canada, Europe and Israel)

Based in Berlin we have direct access to Germany, Austria and Switzerland based water tech corporates, civil engineering companies, utilities, research institutions, clients (users, applications)! …. for introducing (joint) venture activities!