We would like to execute a strategic takeover of Watervent brand and further development by strong partners from the industry, services, uitilities, foundations, clusters/regions, investors ....who acknowledgement the credibility of our forum series throughout 11 years. Any ideas and suggestions welcome

Join our Webinar on November 18th 2021
Zoom Session November 18th 2021
– 25th Watervent session

Program (Status: november 12th, 2021), all times CET p.m.
short term amendments may occur

05:00 welcome
Ulf Leonhard
11th year of watervent
Strategic Partner Offer
05:15 Sponsor's introduction Evoqua
Joshua W Griffis, Technology and Innovation – ISS Lead "Overview on Evoqua"
Scott Branum, Technology and Innovation – Senior Digital Development Manager "Digital innovation at Evoqua"
Jerome Devillers, Mazars USA
Frank Beckers, Apricum Group
05:30 Water tech insights
Jeffrey Rosedale, Baker Hostetler LLP
Booky Oren, Booky Oren Water Technologies
Jeffrey McCutcheon, University of Connecticut; Chemical Engineering
Mike Lodge, Unreasonable Group, former CEO Arvia Technologies
Trudi Schifter, AquaSpe AG
Chuck Martz, Blue Arch Development
Stuart Rudick, WaterInno
Natasha Wiseman, Make Water Famous
06:00 Corporate Venturing in Water
Isle Utilities, Piers Clark, Chairman Isle Group
Aliaxis Ventures (CVC), Fabian Seunier "Corporate Venturing in Water"
06:10 Innovators' pitches I
success story: Aquaporin, Søren Robenhagen
Premium Pitch: RqMicro AG, Tobias Schaad
Curapipe, Ben Shenkar
Capta Hydro SpA, Gaston Dussaillant Venezian
EMPYRIO, Alexander Belskiy
Nanogastechnologies, Len Bland
06:50 Isle Utilities
Piers Clark, Chairman Isle Group
07:00 water Tech networks & incubators
Will Sarni, Water Foundry
Martin Garrett, Cambridge Cleantech
Taylor Witkin, SeaAhead
Dean Amhaus, The Water Council
Kalyn Simon, Elemental Excelerator
Francis Ball, Launch Alaska
Kariann Aarup, Aquahacking
Sally Gutierrez, EPA USA
Rys Herriott, Ofwat Innovation Fund
Bill Liao, SOSV Investment Partners
07:30 "Innovation from the perspective inside a large US wastewater utility"
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, Alan Tucker, Water Utility Innovation
07:40 New Water tech Fund from UK
Ofwat Innovation Fund, Rys Herriott
07:50 Innovators' pitches II
Klugit Energy, Tiago Bandeira
kanop, Romain Fau
Scemai, Hugo Alexandre Trindade
Globalwaterfirst, Jon Kaufman
Noocity, Jose Ruivo
08:20 Water tech investors
James Kress, Bentley
Jeroen Tielman, QStone Capital
Damian C. Georgino, Cyan Ventures (CVC)
Simon Olivier, BleuImpact by CycleCapital
Rowe Michels, Alpheus Water Fund I
Jiten Manglani, Aqualateral
08:45 Innovators' pitches III
Pure Fire Labs, Neel Shah
Theia, Ricardo Cabral
waterCitizen, Cat Shrier
PYDRO GmbH, Mulundu Sichone
Mitte.co, Moritz Waldstein-Wartenberg
Water Movement, Bita Malekian
09:15 resumee

All times CET