The Global Businessplan Competition

In February 2010 we initiated our unique Water Technology Funding Forum WaterVent. Since then we received thousands of enquiries and registrations on a global scale.

Since then many incubators, clusters and water related start-up competitions were incepted. All of them are regional or national. Water security is a global challenge.

Based on our broad experience and network we initiated in close cooperation with Wasser Berlin the first ever Gobal Business Plan Competition in Water Technologies (and related).

Our final Gala with winner's anouncement will take place in the next fair's edtion in march 2017 in Berlin

Based on our experience in innovative ("new") water technologies our focus in evaluation is put on market and clients access which is particularly challenging for water technology innovators. They often simply substitute (threaten) existing technologies and are therefore not always "welcome".

Addtionally there are still water issues which are not yet solved i.e. neglected water problems.

Note: we do expressively welcome adjacent technologies from the water nexus also, i.e.

  • (smart) agriculture
  • Urban and vertical farming
  • Aquaponics
  • Blue and green biotech
  • Algae
  • Aquaculture

In case just ask us: