How to Match Water Tech Corporates, Investors, Clusters, and Incubators with Water Tech Innovators

How to Match Water Tech Corporates, Investors,
Clusters, and Incubators with Water Tech Innovators.

Matching water tech corporates and diverse investors, clusters, incubators.... with water tech innovators (incl. related sectors such as ag, indoor farming, aquaculture, blue bioetch, algae, e.g. meat substitutes....)
stage agnostic.

Watervent - USP
No congress: Matching forum!

Not able to be with us in Berlin?: we do provide access via remote stream.

Focus on innovations and start-ups (up to 60 presentations):
Watervent is deliberately not a congress but a forum matching startups with investors, partners, clients:We do welcome > 60 innovators presenting: any stage, all along water technologies, ag, food, aquaculture, blue & green biotech, algae (pitch fee is USD 600 only).


  • Multiple meetings of all participants to get to know each other personally (zoom)
  • Coaching of the startups for their presentations: zoom and .....
  • All participants will be published in our Watervent Community on request

Day before the forum (april 24th)
....Coaching of the startups for their presentations the day before (all speakers will be invited).

On the forum:
All our speakers want to support innovation and startups!
Personal contacts; reception in the evening.


  • Compendium of all startups will be sent to all participants of all Watervent Forum (approx. 7,200) and published on the site
  • Additionally in the Linkedin profile Ulf Leonhard (approx. 28,000 first degrees) and in the Linkedin Watervent group (approx. 4,600 members) (on request) 
  • Compendium of all participants will be created and sent to all participants of all Watervent forums and published on the site. 
  • We personally recommend startups to potential investors and users from our global network on a case-by-case basis.

Not for funding only - also marketing & client attraction pitches welcome.

Watervent’s profile (PPT)

The organizers in their 6th Watervent in RasAl Khaimah, UAE
The organizers in their 8th Watervent in BakerHostetler’s Manhattan Office

Potable clean water availability is crucial.

The actual crisis makes us aware (again) of the relevance of water infrastucture. Running 12 years of WaterVent we acquainted with thousands of innovators in the sector –
b2b and b2c.

WaterVent can be perceived as a Corporate Venturing Forum in the water tech nexus.

Attracting funding and clients in the water technology sector presents both exciting opportunities and unique challenges. Here's a breakdown of key points to consider:


  • Competitive Landscape: The water tech space is crowded with established players and innovative startups. Standing out and demonstrating your value proposition requires a clear and compelling message.
  • Risk Aversion: Clients, especially large utilities, can be hesitant to adopt new technologies due to perceived risks. Building trust and showcasing successful pilots is crucial.
  • Funding Gap: While interest in water tech is growing, securing funding, particularly for early-stage startups, can be challenging. Investors often seek proven solutions with clear pathways to profitability.


  • Growing Demand: Water scarcity, pollution, and infrastructure upgrades drive the demand for innovative water solutions, creating a large market potential.
  • Emerging Technologies: Advancements in areas like desalination, membrane filtration, and data analytics offer exciting possibilities for tackling water challenges.
  • Supportive Ecosystem: Incubators, accelerators, and grant programs are increasingly focused on water tech, providing valuable resources and connections.


  • Clearly define your niche: Identify a specific water challenge your technology addresses and tailor your message to resonate with relevant clients.
  • Focus on impact: Quantify the environmental and economic benefits your solution delivers to attract clients and investors.
  • Build a strong team: Assemble a team with expertise in water technology, business development, and fundraising.
  • Leverage networks: Connect with industry experts, investors, and potential clients through relevant conferences, events, and online platforms.
  • Showcase success stories: Develop case studies and testimonials from satisfied clients to demonstrate your technology's effectiveness.
  • Seek grants and awards: Apply for funding opportunities that support water innovation and can validate your technology.
  • Partner with established players: Collaborate with larger companies to gain access to their market reach and expertise.
  • Stay informed: Keep track of industry trends, regulations, and funding opportunities to adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Remember, success in water technology requires a combination of technical innovation, a clear value proposition, and a strategic approach to funding and client attraction. By leveraging available resources and building strong relationships, you can navigate the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities in this vital sector