WaterVent -
Corporate Venturing Forum in the water tech nexus

WaterVent can be perceived as a Corporate Venturing Forum in the water tech nexus. water technology innovators have to cope with two main challenges:

  • I. funding (by VC, corporates, charities & foundations, Family Offices, private individuals, public grants & loans)
  • II. detecting and convincing (first) Clients (application references!) - industrial corporates, farmers, real estate owners and utilities which are open minded (courageous?) to give new and - often - disruptive technologies a trial

WaterVent is a platform dedicated to matching innovators and these two groups by showcasting water technology innovations to those who are in need of and/or who want to engage in.

Startups Elevator Pitch 250 $/SFR/€ only

# of new leads

* = new leads
entrepreneurs with
potential Clients and
investors reported

Berlin: 56*
Leuuwarden: 45*
London: 78*
Zurich: 90*
Philadelphia (3): 210*
Ras Al Khaimah (UAE): 76*
New York City: 85*