How to Match Water Tech Corporates, Investors,
Clusters, and Incubators with Water Tech Innovators.
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# 28th watervent, October 10th, 2023, Cincinnati (USA),
hosted by US EPA and University of Cincinnati

Matching water tech corporates and diverse investors, clusters, incubators.... with water tech innovators (incl. related sectors such as ag, indoor farming, aquaculture, blue bioetch, algae, e.g. meat substitutes....)
stage agnostic.

Not for funding only - also marketing & client attraction pitches welcome.

Watervent’s profile (PPT)

Potable clean water availability is crucial.

The actual crisis makes us aware (again) of the relevance of water infrastucture. Running 12 years of WaterVent we acquainted with thousands of innovators in the sector –
b2b and b2c.

WaterVent can be perceived as a Corporate Venturing Forum in the water tech nexus. Water technology innovators have to cope with two main challenges:

  • I. funding (by VC, corporates, charities & foundations, Family Offices, private individuals, public grants & loans)
  • II. detecting and convincing (first) Clients (application references!) - industrial corporates, farmers, real estate owners and utilities which are open minded (courageous?) to give new and - often - disruptive technologies a trial

WaterVent is a platform dedicated to matching innovators and these two groups by showcasting water technology innovations to those who are in need of and/or who want to engage in.

What is special about WaterVent?

  • we want to present some 40 entrepreneurs
  • we welcome any stages
  • we welcome any water related businesses incl. neighbouring sectors (like blue and green biotechnology, agriculture, forest sciences…)
  • we are coaching all entrepreneurs the day before
  • we are focussed on matching; only small amount of keynotes & general speeches
  • we attract also “hidden” industrial (corporate) investors
  • we are independent and a platform only provider
  • we are targeting a global audience
  • we attract also water tech entrepreneurs from upcoming regions like India, South Africa, China, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Russia
  • Based in Berlin we want to bring in german water tech expertise and are happy to assist in the access to german and european water technology sector

„Water is not virtual: You can not suck water from the internet!”

Ulf Leonhard, Founder of WaterVent

The first matchmaking platform in water technologies (founded in 2010) designed to bring exclusively (sic!) water technology (and those related in the water nexus) entrepreneurs and investors together in an exclusive, non-conference, one-on-one setting in order to accelerate growth by support in attracting (first) clients, assess business opportunities and facilitate financing in the water sector.

Watervent is not a congress -  like hundreds of similar forums – it is designed uniquely for supporting startups for attracting investors and clients.

WaterVent differentiates its offering by:

  • covering all  stages – unversity spinoff, seed to series B and C funding
  • welcoming adjacent sectors (blue biotech, aquaculture, roof gardening, urban farming…..)
  • matchmaking of innovators, investors and potential users
  • rendering a global visibility to all relevant water tech experts, investors, corporates, incubators, clusters, foundations


The organizers in their 6th Watervent in RasAl Khaimah, UAE
The organizers in their 8th Watervent in BakerHostetler’s Manhattan Office