RealiteQNew Generation of SCADA, Remote control & Telemetry

RealiteQ – Unique Innovative Industrial IoT remote control operation & management Platform for water & wastewater facilities & Networks.

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tl_files/watervent/partners/biogill-logo.jpgAffordable wastewater treatment, made easy!

Wastewater can be a costly challenge to manage. At BioGill, we recognize that many businesses need to simplify and improve their onsite wastewater treatment.  Our above ground, attached growth bioreactors are quick to install, simple to use, easy to maintain and highly effective.

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tl_files/watervent/partners/silvertex-logo.jpg“Water is life and our mission”

Silvertex aqua GmbH produces and distributes an innovative and uncomplicated system for the permanent preservation of water through the antibacterial effect of silver in many fields of application.

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tl_files/watervent/partners/waterblade-logo.png“A low flow handwashing solution.”

Waterblade designs and manufactures the Waterblade water saving nozzle for taps.

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