Read what past participants have to say:

Nice seeing you at WaterVent and thank you for organizing a very nice event!
Also, why not have WaterVent 2016 in Boston?  Boston has an active water cluster and my guess is that Baker H. has an office there as well that can be utilized.  And if Germans like old buildings, as you say, Boston has plenty of old buildings.

Eric Stoermer
President & CEO
Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc.

I thought the conference was valuable. I was struck by the number of innovations related to water treatment. I wished that your speakers had heeded your request to share promising innovations that had come to their attention. Those who did as you asked surfaced some interesting products.

Teri Mendelsohn, MBA
Candidate, Certificate in Sustainable Water Management
Earth Institute
Columbia University

Thank you for the invitation.The NY event was stimulating, interesting and enjoyable.

Ulf is an excellent host bringing together fascinating subjects, remarkable talent, cutting edge technology and a very niche segment of forward thinking investors for the entire water spectrum.

Stuart Shapiro
Infinite Water

Upon my return to Israel, I would like to express my gratitude, appreciation and thanks for a highly successful as well as very well-organized event.  I really believe you and your colleagues have done a great job in putting together all those interesting speakers and in-depth prepared presentations while creating a very positive sphere and good communication among all participants.
I, personally, have greatly enjoyed the Watervent and hope I have been able to contribute a bit of my humble experience to the benefit of this conference.
I will be more than glad to continue supporting you in additional events in the future. Look forward to keeping our good contacts.

All the best,

Booky Oren
Chairman & CEO
Booky Oren Global Water Technologies Ltd.

Great Job Ulf. I hope that the conference was as much a success one could hope. I am feeling inspired to write an article reviewing the conference and it would be invaluable to add more of YOU to it. Reflections and visions that you care to share with the audience.

Gary Chambers of Water Info On Tap

I wanted to thank you for hosted such a wonderful event.  I look forward to the next one in the US.  If you need assistance in getting technology companies or investors for the next one, please let me know as I am willing to assist.

Thank you again.

Bill Kelly
President Isle Inc.

On behalf of Mekorot, the Israeli National Water Company, we would like to thank you! For the opportunity to be part of this excellent and well organized event which enabled WaTechTM - Mekorot Technology Entrepreneurship Center to introduce its wide portfolio and to invite local Innovation and new water technologies to be part of WaTechTM"

Yossi Yaacoby
Director of WaTech(tm) Division
Mekorot , Tel Aviv Israel

It was a pleasure participating to Watervent
Focused events enhances chance to meet interesting suppliers, clients and
eventually investors.

Antoine Gourdon, TMW technologies, Paris

WaterVent was a milestone event in Europe, the first Water Investment
conference bringing together investors and companies in the sector. I look
forward to this event growing and TallyFox is proud to continue our

Trudi Schifter
Founder and CEO
TallyFox Social Technologies AG, Zurich

I enjoyed very much the WaterVent event held last October in Berlin, and would like to thank you and Leonhard Ventures for successful organization of that meeting.

As a direct result of that event PuroFilter was approached by two organizations that investigated possibilities of investment in the company and in technical cooperation. ..... so, from this point of view the main goal of our participation was acheived.

Dr. Moshe A. Frommer, PuroFilter Ltd., Israel

Thank you for an excellent event. I very much enjoyed the format, the presentations and the networking. I look forward to staying in touch and maybe participating in the next WaterVent in April.

Joseph A. Grzyb (Joe), CEO, HexaTech, Inc

Thank you for having us at your event this past Friday. We found it very interesting and also inspiring - so many worthwhile causes and business opportunities in water.

Udo Edelmann, One Planet Associates

I wanted to thank you for putting this event up, it was very interesting and instructive.

Oliver Ceberio, Result Marine Energy

Thank you very much for coordinating the WaterVent meeting this past week in Philadelphia.  It was very well run and I had many productive conversations.

Kenneth F. Reardon, Ph.D.
CTO, OptiEnz Sensors LLC

Thanks to you and you wife for arranging the recent Watervent in Philadelphia. Gordon Skene and I enjoyed participating at your event.

Ross McDonald, President & CEO, Clean West Capital

The first WaterVent in Philadelphia was jam-packed with compelling pitches from water technology entrepreneurs and interesting presentations from those who are making things happen in the sector. An excellent way to make good connections!

Erik Hromadka, CEO, Global Water Technologies

Nochmals herzlich Dank fuer die Organisation einer gelungenen Konferenz zum Thema Wasser. Sie haben eine Reihe interessanter Start-ups und Investoren zusammengebracht.

Thanks for organizing a successful forum. You succeeded in matching interesting start-ups and investors.

Dr. Sven Harmsen
Investment Manager, BASF Venture Capital America Inc

Very nice job on the watervent Philly conference. Well done.
It was a pleasure to meet you, and I hope to be able to join in Berlin next year.

Earl Jones, Liberation Capital

First, it was great to meet you last week and thank you for the opportunity to present in front of the group. I was able to make a number of useful connections.

Dr. Charles Henry, CEO Advanced MicroLabs

Thank you for a packed and enjoyable Watervent conference on Friday.

Emily Bockian Landsburg, CEO, BlackGold Biofuels

As a result of Watervent, FLOWatch identified three leads, one of which has already expressed interest in having us assist them in their data management effort. This is the good news.

Bruno Levine, Flowatch, Israel

Thanks for a nice conference last week.

Eric Stoermer, President & CEO
Environmental Operating Solutions, Inc

Thank you so much for having me attend your conference in Philadelphia.  It was a good first conference and I am sure you will have a growing audience for this extremely compelling area of investment.

Abigail Laufer, CEO, Virid Capital Management