Customized WaterVent tailored to your needs:
A WaterVent set up on your behalf!

Could be set up for a region, cluster, incubator, utility, corporate
in water technologies, civil engineering, investor, consulting …

  • You want our forum to be organized in and for your region?
  • You want to attract international investors, entrepreneurs and multipliers in your region or city?
  • Do you want to create a platform for promising water technology entrepreneurs (incl. neighbouring technologies i.e. agriculture, algae, biofuel, & blue biotech, aquaculture...) in and for your region?

We are looking for hosts and partners to organize WaterVent in South Africa, Spain, France, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, India, Australia, China. UAE, Jordan, Morocco, Argentina, Singapore, Japan are welcome also.

You want to showcast your expertise in water technologies?
You want to promote your services?

We are always interested in expanding our international spread. Ask Ulf Leonhard by informally mailing

Our offer

1. inviting speakers with relevance from corporates, utilities, Investors, universities... along your wishes - globally

2. custom tailored matching for your startups, r&d institutions, incubators, initiatives.... and projects
This could encompass related sectors (e.g. food, ag, indoor/vertical farming, aquaculture, green & blue biotech...) also

3. informing our entire database (appr. 48,000)

4. posting in LinkedIn WaterVent group (>3,800 members, LinkedIn first degress contacts (>13,200), posting in all further water tech Groups we are member (90)

5. any organisational topic

6. Consulting on location, f&b and entertaining/reception

7. ensuring participation of min 120 international attendees (beside nationals/locals)

Euro 65,000
Our travel costs for 2 persons
Travel costs for speakers if agreed