Our Partner BleuImpact

Funds Objective
Launch a $15 MM Water Impact Fund to invest in innovative technologies to solve critical water issues in North America.

Executive Summary

  • Water has absolutely no economics ubstitute, regardless of price;
  • Water is an enormous industry ($700B+) which has been under invested and over utilized;
  • Strong long-term fundamentals with fixed supply but exploding demand, aging infrastructure, and heightened regulations and public awareness;
  • Ideal timing with increasing number of technology start-ups and yet limited venture capital available to fund the growth;
  • BleuImpact, hosted on the successful Cycle Capital platform, offers a unique solution with financial and environmental impacts.

Why Invest in Water?

  • The industrial and economic world is waking up to the importance of investing in water and the urgency to create an impact;
  • The industry is large yet stable, non-cyclical, and a low-risk investment;
  • Growth acceleration of venture deals

Investment Strategy

  • Diversification and focus in most impactful subsectors: Sustainable Agriculture, Industrial & Process, Water Treatment, Digital Water;
  • Strong competitive differentiators: strong “Impact” mandate, strong positioning in the water ecosystem and top water expertise dedicated to the North American market.


BleuImpact is uniquely positioned to take advantage of a wave of water innovation and technology. Goal is to fund the acceleration of tech entrepreneurs to protect and conserve freshwater. BleuImpacthas a competitive approach within Cycle Capital’s successful platform, with the ambition to build sustainable growth for the benefit of the environment, society and the economy.


BleuImpact will be led by Simon Olivier, an executive leader with an international track record in innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship and financial services. Simon spent 20 years with GE, first with GE Capital in financial services and then leading the GE Renewables business in Canada and North East USA for almost 10 years, building a multi $B franchise. Thereafter, he spent 4 years as Executive VP M&A and Ventures for GE Canada. Simon is a water-activity enthusiast (scuba diving, windsurfing, swimming (escaped Alcatraz in 2019)) and is passionate about creating environmental impact to the generations to come.


tl_files/watervent/partners/fotos-partner/BleuImpactOlivier.jpgSimon Olivier
Head of BleuImpact & Senior Partner Cycle Capital

1000 W. Sherbrooke St. suite 1610
Montreal (Quebec) H3A 3G4

Mobile: +1514795-1684
Email: solivier@cyclecapital.com
Website: www.cyclecapital.com