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BÜFA Group

The BÜFA Group is an independent, medium-sized company in the chemical industry. BÜFA was founded in Oldenburg in 1883 and today operates on an international scale in the Chemicals, Cleaning and Composites business segments.

We deliver a Best In Class performance with innovative, environmentally conscious and targeted products and systems that meet the highest demands, and are used in industries such as the railway industry, wind energy, the food or the cleaning industry. In doing so, we adhere in uncompromising fashion to the principle of sustainability. We focus our efforts on ‘New Chemistry’, and combine economic efficiency with social responsibility.

BÜFA Cleaning

BÜFA Cleaning is part of the BÜFA Group. As a globally active company, we are specialised in the production of high-quality detergents and cleaning agents for textile, food and industrial hygiene. Our customers genuinely appreciate the quality of our products, the spirit of cooperation rooted in partnership, and our excellent service. Cleanliness, hygiene and value preservation characterise our activities throughout.

Our vision is to become one of Europe’s leading full service providers for professional cleaning with an ecological approach, especially when it comes to saving water to preserve our world for future generations. We are offering 80% and 100% water recycling systems for car- and truck washes as well as for machinery wash. We fully recycle and re-use the production waste water in our two main production sites. BÜFA is investing in startups; especially in one startup focussing on clean water. All this makes us very interested in and curious about startups focussing on minimizing fresh water consumption and water recycling. We are open to extend our network and to consider further investments.

If you are interested in BÜFA Cleaning and further details or if you simply like to have an exchange of ideas feel free to contact us.


Sebastian Specht
Managing Director of BÜFA Cleaning

BÜFA Cleaning GmbH & Co. KG
August-Hanken-Str. 30
26125 Oldenburg